I love Mackinac Island fudge because it's so creamy, chocolatey good Nature's nearly perfect food! Smooth, delicious on the tongue nectar for us "chocolate ones." More enticing with each bite. MIF made it just right!

N a n c y C a m p b e l l
St. Louis Missouri

The idea of a Mackinac Fudge Bytes news column was inspired from summer fudgies who have a flair for creative writing. The Senior Editor of felt that a quarterly interview column written about "summer fudgies" would be appreciated by our MIFT gameplayers.

This quarterly Summer Fudgie is Nancy Campbell from St. Louis Missouri.

Nancy is a former Saginaw Michigan native and occassionally returns to Michigan during the warm summer month of July to visit friends and to spend time in one of her favorite tourist destinations Mackinac Island. She is an accomplished elementary school teacher and uses tiny pieces of fudge with her young elementary pupils in the teaching of basic number concepts.

According to Margie Golick, Ph.D., (Reading Writing and Rummy (1992) ... basic math learned skills such as counting, division, addition, substraction, multiplication, ordering, sequencing, and number concepts can be readily learned by young children when a reward system is introduced into the classroom.

A recent "Pyramid Food Group research study by the US Department of Agricultural now confirms that the ingredients of fudge especially chocolate are highly beneficial to the health of children and adults especially women. The Editor recommends the reading of Debra Waterhouse's book, Why Women Need Chocolate and this research finding will be fully appreciated. Of course the Editor recommends moderate amounts of this rich, sweet candy unless it is a holiday!

A favorite book of Nancy's is Oh Fudge, A Celebration of America's Favorite Candy. This award winning book by Lee Edwards Benning is available in its 5th printing from and contains over 300 fudge recipes. Nancy likes to try out different recipes from this book especially during the winter holidays. Her favorites are variations of Brown Sugar Fudge, page 74, Marshmellow Cream Fudge, page 79 and Summer Fudge, page 90. She says, "and by the way, our school fudge packets not only are delicious but well appreciated by parents during the holidays."

Readers Note: Oh Fudge: A Celebration of America's Favorite Candy is available online at

Karl W. Grube, Ph.D., Editor


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