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I love Mackinac Island fudge because it's so creamy, chocolatey good Nature's nearly perfect food! Smooth, delicious on the tongue nectar for us "chocolate ones." More enticing with each bite. MIF made it just right!

N a n c y C a m p b e l l
St. Louis Missouri

One Hundred Memory-Builders for
Mackinac Tourists & Fudge Connoisseurs

1. From the _______ comes the chocolate food of lovers.
cacao tree

2. The _______ viewed the cacao beans as an aphrodisac.

3. In 1502 _______ presented cacao beans to the King and Queen of Spain.

4. West Africa produces _______ % of the world's supply of cacao.

5._______ comes in many forms --- cocoa powder, unsweetened, semisweet, and milk.

6. _______ drank 50 cups daily of cocoa called Xocaltl.

7. After roasting the cacao beans, the nibs are ground into _______.
chocolate liquor

8. In 1847 _______ added sugar, chocolate liquor, and cocoa butter to produce chocolate.

9. America's favorite candy is _______.

10. Lee Edwards Benning wrote the best selling _______.
Oh, Fudge!

11. The first Mackinaw City fudgemaker website was _______.

12. Old fashion fudge making can be seen at _______.
Joann's Fudge

13. _______ is famous for chips of fudge in ice cream.
Ryba's Fudge

14. Murdick's Fudge Kitchen uses the original _______ recipe.

15. Original marble slab fudge must be corrected for temperature and _______.

16. Jim Garrahy's Fudge Kitchens make fudge by _______ it on a marble slab.

17. Irma Rombaurer in the _______ exaults the virtues of fudge.
Joy of Cooking

18. Recent USDA research suggests that high grade chocolate in fudge helps replace monthly loss of _______.

19. The chocolate in fudge makes beneficial _______.

20. The most famous First Lady who promoted fudge was _______.
Mamie Eisenhower

21. Nancy Reagan served a delicious chocolate fudge _______.

22. An 1890 name for fudge was _______.
vanilla candy

23. In 1892 Emelyn B. Hartridge made fudge at _______.
Vassar College

24. _______ was the name Great Britain gave Americana fudge in 1920.
Sweet Meat

25. Sugar and cream Fudge originated as _______ fudge.

26. Marshmallow Cream Fudge is famous as _______ fudge.

27. Sherbert is to ice cream as _______ is to candy.
summer fudge

28. Most commercial fudges are not as nutritious as _______.

29. The Mackinac Island Chamber of Commerce promotes the _______.
fudge festival casinos

30. A favorite exotic fudge is _______.
Goat's Milk

31. _______ Master Fudge Recipes are now available for the home.

32. _______ Fudge is the summer fudgies favorite candy.
Chocolate Pecan

33. The history of Mackinac Island fudgemaking can be found in ________.
FUDGE: Mackinac's Sweet Souvenir

34. _____ is the 2001 author of FUDGE: Mackinac's Sweet Souvenir.
Phil Porter

35.________ is the web site for ordering Phil Porter's Mackinac fudge classic work.

36. _______ is the publisher of FUDGE: Mackinac Islands Sweet Souvenir.
Mackinac State Historic Parks

37. Indian _______ was bottled and sold to Mackinac Island's first tourists.
Maple Syrup

38. _______ were the first popular souvenirs on Mackinac Island.
Indian curosities

39. _______ opened the first fudge shop on Mackinac Island.
Henry F. Murdick

40. Newton Jerome Murdick's nickname was _______.

41. Murdick's Candy Kitchen opened on the Island in _______.

42. Ferguson's 1910 Candy Kitchen included salt water candy and _______ Kisses.
Merry Widows

43. _______ advertised "spotless kitchens" as their signature.
Angell & Phelps

44. _______ went to work for Murdick's Candy Kitchen in 1930.
Harold May

45. _______ built a reputation for fine candies on Mackinac Island.
Ethyl May

46. _______ learned the candy trade as an apprentice to Harold & Ethyl May.
Marvin May

47. Marvin May bested _______ in a copyright infringement case.
Harry Ryba

48. _______ opened a 1940 candy store in the famous Murray Hotel.
Heppe Brothers

49. May's Candy Shop's slogan is _______.
Famous Mackinac Fudge

50. Murdick's Candy Kitchen slogan is _______.
Famous Mackinac Fudge

51. "Nice quality candy" was made by Selma Dufina in the ________.
Murray Hotel

52. _______ rationing of sugar forced most candy makers out of business.
WWII 1940's

53. _______ opened the newest candy shop on Mackinac Island in 1945.
Selma Dufina

54. Selma's Home Made Candy on the Island was housed in the _______.
Chippewa Hotel

55. _______ opened Marshall's Driftwood Fudge in 1952.
Jim Marshall

56. Jim Marshall learned the art of making candy from the _______ family.

57. Marshall's Mackinac Trail Fudge was the first candy making store in _______.
St. Ignace

58. In 1955 _______ first started selling fudge at the Michigan State Fair.
Harry Ryba

59. _______ printed "Ryba's Mackinac Island Fudgie" on pink pins.
Harry Ryba

60. Ryba's Mackinac Island Fudge Ice Cream is a best seller in the _______ market.

61. _______, an Island promoter, first applied "mass selling psychology".
Harry Ryba

62. _______ was named after Joan Nephew.
Joanne's Fudge

63. The only US President to buy fudge on Mackinac Island was _______.
Gerald Ford

64. _______ Chocolates has a fudge franchise in Japan.

65. The web site,, features a Sing Along _______ Song

66. Since _______ Murdick's Fudge has sold fudge on Martha's Vineyard.

67. The founder of Murdick's Fudge was _______.
Frances Murdick

68. As a young man, Jim Marshall learned the fudgemaking trade from _______.
Newton Jerome Murdick

69. _______ wrote ... "Biting into this enticing delight conjures up unforgetable memories from my childhood to the present".
Katie Nelson

70. web site has featured a summer _______.
video cam

71. Besides making delicious fudge, Ryba's Fudge Shops makes _________.
salt water taffy

72. For years Metro Detroiters have bought Ryba Fudge at the _______.
Joe Louis Arena

73.MackinacFudge.Net is a company specializing in _______ sales.

74. Somewhere In Time _______ was the inspiration for MackinacFudge.Net.

75. _______is featured on MackinacFudge.Net advertisements.
Jane Seymour

76. In 1947 Don and Katy Kilwin open a speciality store in _______ Michigan

77. Kilwin's Chocolate and Ice Cream offers _______ licensing to entrepreneurs.

78. Kilwin's Chocolate and Ice Cream sells _______.
ice cream

79. The founder of Alices Kandy and Korn in 1951 was _______.
Alice Jones

80. Besides fudge, jams, and toppings, Alices makes a variety of candy _______.

81. The current owners of Alice's Kandy and Korn are _______.
Chuck & Ginny Brew

82. 15th Century ________ were the first to make sweet candy.

83. Murray's Hotel Fudge Co. can be found at _______.

84. Murray's Hotel Fudge Co. specializes in budget _______.
hotel rooms

85. ________ wrote ... "this sweet candy brings back fond memories of warm summer nights with family and friends."
Lou Ann Smelser

86. Joann's Fudge site recommends _______ fudge for long term storage.

87. Joann's Fudge is sold in Mackinaw City and _______.
Mackinac Island

88. Zak's Fudge of St. Ignace is a _______ property.

89. McClellan Properties manufacturers literally tons of fudge in ______ .

90. McClellan Properties first fudge store was in ________.
Sault Ste. Marie

91. ________ wrote ... "it's seduction by the bite. A nibble coaxes the mouth to crave more."
Lee Edwards Benning

92. candy is a _______ product.
Mackinaw City

93. is owned by the _______.
Heilman family

94. publishes _______ for elementary schools.

95. Games By Grube was founded in 1984 at _______ Ontario.
Batchawana Bay

96. ________ wrote ... "it's rich creamy texture; the wonderful flavor melting in your mouth;"
Patrice Murdock

97. _______ offers beautiful Christmas tins for fudge and candy.
Marshall's Fudge & Candy Company

98. _____ was first used before sugar was invented in making sweet goods.
Wild Honey

99. A St. Louis fudgie winner of the "I love Mackinac Island Fudge because ... " contest was _______.
Nancy Campbell

100. The author and publisher of Mackinac Island Fudge Trivia is _______.
Karl Grube


1/2 C. milk 1/2 C. butter 1/2 C. brown sugar 1/2 C. granulated sugar 1/8 tsp. salt 1 tsp. vanilla extract 2 C. confectionersí sugar 1/2 C. nuts (optional) Mix milk, butter, brown sugar, granulated sugar and salt in heavy pan. Cook at medium heat until boiling. Boil exactly 6 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and add vanilla extract and confectionersí sugar. Beat with mixer until smooth and thick. Add nuts, if desired. Pour into a buttered pan and freeze 20 minutes. Cut into pieces. Makes approximately 1 pound of fudge. Peanut Butter Mackinac Island Fudge Reduce butter to 1/4 cup and add 1/2 cup peanut butter. Chocolate Mackinac Island Fudge Use basic recipe, adding 1/2 cup cocoa with the confectionersí sugar. .

Reference: Lee Benning's Oh Fudge: A Celebration of America's Favorite Candy


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